Argent AT Installation

Argent Advanced Technology is a suite of products that brings together all Argent products under a single GUI.

Being under a product suite has its advantages — namely, a centralized installation, centralized database, and centralized license files.

  • Extract the ZIP file to a local folder location. Then locate and run SETUP.exe
  • Click “Next” on the following screen and the EULA will be presented.
  • Setup will continue once you select “I Accept The Agreement” and click “Next”
  • The next screen allows you to select the products you want to install.

    Please Note: A License key will be prompted for in the next screen.

  • Browse to your license key — you’ll notice that if you select one license file, it will automatically populate the other products with the same file.

    Argent AT allows customers to use the same license file across all Argent AT products.

  • The next screen prompts for the Argent service account credentials. Like all Argent products, a Domain Administrator account is recommended. Other details like the install path can also be set here.
  • The next screen prompts for the Database backend information. Argent AT supports MS SQL, Oracle or MS Access. Also individual backend databases can be specified for each product.
  • In the next screen you can select the type of Argent Boardroom Screens to be installed. The available selection is based on what products you’ve chosen to install.
  • Finally click “Install”
  • When installation completes, you’ll be presented with a log file of the setup process, and you’re ready to begin using the powerful products in Argent AT.