KBI 220304 Argent Predictor Data For Terminal Services Causes Huge Table Rows




29 Oct 2004



Technical Background

If a performance rule is set up to capture Argent Predictor data for performance object ‘Terminal Service Session’, the session ID will be part of instance name.

Because the session ID is only for that particular session, for a busy terminal server, that will inserts millions of rows into AG_PRD_MASTER over the time.

The direct result of this is the slow opening of report definition for performance chart or performance report.


To correct this, do following:

  1. Uncheck the option ‘Save Performance Data For Argent Predictor’ in the related Performance Rules.
  2. Manually remove the saved master records for ‘Terminal Services Session’ in AG_PRD_MASTER by running the SQL query:

    DELETE FROM AG_PRD_MASTER WHERE OBJECT=’Terminal Services Session’.