KBI 220500 Argent SNMP Alerts-Enterprise OID’s


Argent Console 8-0A-0701


14 Mar 2007


You want to interface third-party products to the Argent Console

Argent provides this functionality in a variety of ways including:

Email alerts

System Command alerts

System helpdesk alerts

SNMP Alerts

This KBI Article is specifically for SNMP alerts.

Technical Background

The Argent Console supports SNMP set commands and SNMP traps as an alerts.

SNMP set commands can include any OID value, easily configurable by the Customer.

SNMP trap commands have a Default Argent Enterprise OID of 2940.1

The content of the trap can contain and of the standard Argent variables such as

%AGHighdetail% or %AGEventDetail%


The default Argent Enterprise OID is 2940.1 when used for SNMP trap alerts.

The content of the trap is selectable on the alert configuration via the standard Argent variables.

Below is an example of the content of an Argent SNMP trap alert.

SNMP Trap Monitor: SNMPv1 Trap generic=6 specific=1

Enterprise Oid=.

From (Community: public)

Variable (String) = .

Value = Alert testing from VCDemo program (Detail)