KBI 220503 Removing Argent Daughter Engine Reference


Argent Extended Technologies All


16 Mar 2007


Customer reports after de-installation of a Daughter Supervising Engine for Argent products, the Argent Guardian main screen (screen id: G2A) still shows a reference to the Daughter Engine in the

“Known Regional <product> Engines” list.

Technical Background

This situation appears to be caused by the client GUI being unable to contact the now-de-installed Daughter engine.

The references to the Daughter Engine can be seen in the file system, in the folder as shown below for an Argent Guardian Daughter Engine “hpux”:




To remove the orphaned reference to the de-installed Daughter Engine, simply delete the C:\Argent\ArgentManagementConsole\<PRODUCT>\EXECUTOR\*.LVF file and click the “Refresh” button on Screen G2A.

In the example:


is deleted.

If this does not fully remove the references, you may also need to manually remove the entry from the corresponding Daughter Engine ODBC table — e.g. AG_Daughter for Argent Guardian, ALC_Daughter for Argent Data Consolidator, etc.