KBI 220529 How To Return An OID Value As A Console Comment


Argent SNMP Monitor 8.0A-0701


11 Apr 2007


How to return an OID value as a Console comment.

Technical Background

Several Customers have requested that an OID value be returned as a Console Comment.

A new feature of 8.0A-0701 allows you to accomplish this.


Firstly the OID value must be stored as a variable.

This image shows how to configure the SNMP Rule Criteria dialogue box to accomplish this.

Add another condition to the “Rule Is Broken If “, component of your SNMP rule definition.

Create a formula name and select the variable previously created from the “Select New Formula” button.

You can create as many conditions to break the rule as practical.

The above image shows a typical example.

Since Argent XT version 8.0A-0701 a new button has been added labeled “Advanced Settings”.

This needs to be selected.

This image shows how to configure the “Advanced Settings” dialogue box to return an OID value to the console comment.

The variable “PRINTVAL”, created in the previous steps will represent the OID value obtained from the SNMP device we are querying.

Click OK to complete the procedure.