KBI 220530 Report On CPU Utilization Of Individual Processes


Argent Guardian 8.0A-0701


12 Apr 2007


Report on CPU utilization of individual processes on a particular server by passing %AGNodeName% to the report definition.

Technical Background

We are automatically distributing a report as an alert function. Currently there is no ability to allow us to pass the %AGNodeName% variable to the report definition, hence ensuring the automatically generated report is customized to each particular event.

In this example, we have created a rule that checks the % Processor time for each server. If the rule breaks, we would like a report generated detailing the CPU utilization of the individual processes on that server.

Currently users are limited to either statically selecting a server for the report, or reporting on the process CPU utilization for all the servers in a particular monitoring group.

This picture shows a sample configuration of the rule.

The %AG_Node_Name% variable is to be added to the Server/Device drop down.


This is a known issue and an enhancement request has been submitted.