KBI 220703 Unable To Connect iSeries Job Adapter Host On OS400 V5R4


Argent Job Scheduler 7.0A-0701


11 May 2007


After clean installation of the iSeries Adapter for Argent Job Scheduler on release V5R4 of IBM operating system, the GUI (Job Control Panel) is unable to connect to the AS/400 host scheduler and queue engine.

Numerous CATASTROPHIC INTERNAL ERROR messages are found in the log file, along with:

10 MAY 2007 13:21:25.398 AS400T ARGSCHED WORKER 1,735 551 REJECT Error/Exception:

10 MAY 2007 13:21:25.400 AS400T ARGSCHED WORKER 1,737 Call to QUSLJOB API in program JOBQSTS at statement number 775

Technical Background

The iSeries Job Adapter for Argent Job Scheduler has not been tested and certified to run on the current release of the IBM operating system, V5R4.

The installation is a fresh install, using the default configuration values. WRKACTJOB correctly shows ARGSCHED subsystem active and processes running.


No resolution at this time.