KBI 220708 SNMP Community Strings Are Not Saved Under Certain Edits


Argent SNMP Monitor 8.0A-0701


18 May 2007


SNMP Community Strings are not saved under certain edits.

Technical Background

The Argent SNMP Monitor allows specifying a non-default SNMP Community String via the License Manager. Some forms of edits to this property do not result in the Apply button being activated, and subsequently the changes cannot be saved and are lost.


Changing the ‘public’ string to ‘{public}’ or ‘—‘ without using backspace or delete will result in the Apply button remaining disabled. Clicking on OK then dismisses the change. Going back into the same property page will show the old ‘public’ string.


A workaround is to make further edits to the community string (for example, hitting backspace or delete) to force the Apply button to be activated.