KBI 220722 System Command Alerts Unable To Accept NON-UNC Entries


Argent Guardian 8.0A-0701 and below


7 July 2007


When using the System Command Alerts, attempting to save a command without using a UNC path may not be saved.

Technical Background

When using the Alerts that may have migrated over from 6.2 that utilized the rcmd command.

(E.g. d.rcmd \\ServerName\D$\Test.bat) will likely work fine; but, if you copy the SAME Alert and attempt to save or test it, you may receive this message:

Please specify the UNC path for command line file (psexec \\ARGENT-05 C:\TEMP\Kill_iPod.cmd).

You can also attempt to use the psexec command with Argent XT 8.0A-0701 and below (E.g. psexec \\ServerName D:\Test.bat), which may work in a command line and execute on the target machine. When using the same line in the Argent System Command Alerts you may receive the error above.


Create a ‘scripts’ directory on the Argent Server (i.e.: drive:\Argent\ArgentManagementConsole\Scripts) in which you would create batch or command file that includes the remote commands you would like to execute.


Create a file called “Remote.cmd” of which would contain [psexec \\remoteservername C:\Temp\Test.bat].

In the Argent System Command Alert, you would specify the UNC path of the local script