KBI 310071 The Argent Exchange Monitor Not Working With Exchange 2007


Argent Exchange Monitor 8.0A-0707


14 Sep 2007


Due to registry changes in Exchange 2007, it appears that monitoring does not work with the Argent.

Technical Background

The Microsoft Exchange 2007 is only available for the Windows 64 bit platform.

It was recently discovered and confirmed by development that due to some registry changes in Exchange 2007, the Argent Exchange Monitor is not working properly.

When testing a relator against an Exchange 2007 server, you may see the following:

Failed to determine the Exchange service version for ‘XXX’

Failed to access registry ‘MSExchangeIS\ParametersPrivate\DB Path’ of server ‘XXX’. (Overlapped I/O operation is in progress.)

Failed to retrieve information store size for server XXX

Rule IFS_INFOSTOR_TOTAL is NOT broken for server XXX


Failed to determine the Exchange service version for XXX

Successfully run rule WMI_EX200X_QUEUE_TOO_BIG on server XXX

Could not create WMI object. Reason: server XXX is not a Exchange 2000 server or the Exchange administration software is not installed properly

Total 0 alerts and 0 predictor data items are returned for rule WMI_EX200X_QUEUE_TOO_BIG of relator REL_EXCH_INFOSTOR of server XXX


Development is aware of this issue and is working to address it as soon as possible.