KBI 310103 Connecting With An Argent Queue Engine Without Administrator Rights


Argent Job Scheduler 4.6A-0601 or later


6 Mar 2008


When attempting a connection to the Argent Queue Engine, a user who does not have full administrative rights to the server will be unable to connect with the Argent Queue Engine. This can occur on either the main GUI or on a Client GUI.

Technical Background

When a user connects to the Argent Queue Engine, the GUI tries to read a variety of information from the host machine, including registry entries and the status of the Argent Queue Engine service. Without full administrative rights to the host machine, this will fail.


To work around the lack of administrative rights, connect to the Argent Queue Engine as a Remote Argent Queue Engine instead.

Within the main GUI, select the Settings menu and choose Remote/Unix/iSeries/SAP Server Management.

Click the New button.

Enter the IP address or host name of the Windows machine hosting the Argent Queue Engine in the Queue Engine Server field.

Enter or choose 3135 for the TCP/IP Port.

In the Server Type drop-down list, choose NT/Win2K Remote.

In the Comm Protocol drop-down list, choose Not Using Message Header.

When the information has been entered correctly, click the Save button.

Next, click the Accounts tab near the top of the Remote/Unix/iSeries/SAP Server Management dialog box, then click the New button.

Choose the server you entered from the Target Server drop-down list.

In the NT Account field, enter the special value *ANY.

In the Server Account field, enter the service account username, including the domain. (Use the format Domain\User.)

Enter the service account password in the Password field.

When all information is entered correctly, click Save, then click Close.

Back in the GUI, expand Servers Where Jobs Run in the tree view in the left-hand side, then click on Windows.

On the right-hand side of the GUI, right-click and choose Connect Server.

In the Connect to Queue Engine dialog box, check the server you’ve just added, then click OK.

The GUI will connect to the Argent Queue Engine. Note that the icon in the tree view for the Argent Queue Engine will have an “R” in it, indicating a Remote Argent Queue Engine.

The user mapping that’s been defined during this process will allow any user with access to the GUI to connect to the Argent Queue Engine as the service account.