KBI 310107 Cannot Purge Argent Console Events


Argent Console 8.0A-0707-C


6 Sep 2007


The Argent Data Consolidator events cannot be purged.

Technical Background

The Argent Console prevents the Argent Data Consolidator Events from being purged either manually or automatically after x number of days. When attempting to purge these events, it appears that the purging is happening. However, when going back to the Events List, the events are still there.


To resolve this issue, upgrade the Argent Extended Technology to version 8.0A-0707-D. Please note, a simple upgrade may not resolve the issue and further steps are required.

During an upgrade, the database integrity check (aac_dbcheck.exe) will produce the following error:

You can continue the installation and the upgrade will complete successfully. However, the issue will still exist until a manual change in the Argent database is made.

Ensure all the Argent services are stopped and then access the Argent SQL database and find the AAC_ConsoleArchive table. Assuming SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager is used (use Studio Management for SQL 2005) Right Click on AAC_ConsoleArchive and select Design Table. This will open the table properties as shown below:

Modify the “Length” value from 16 to 32 for the “ruletype” field.

Once this change is made, start all the Argent services and the Argent Data Consolidator events should be able to be purged.