KBI 310124 Schedule Monitoring Tasks Based On Time Zone Of Monitored Machine


Argent Extended Technology – All


20 Oct 2008


Many organizations are geographically spread across two or more time zones. You may need your Relator to run at a precise time regardless of any time differences between your Argent Engine and the Time Zone of your monitored machine.

Technical Background

By default Argent Extended Technology uses the OS time clock of engine that executes the Relator. If there is a difference, this can effect the time (relative time) your Relator will run.


Argent has a way to handle this for you. Open your Relator and click on the “When” tab. At the bottom of the screen you will see a check box, “Schedule Monitoring Tasks Based on Time Zone Of Monitored Machine“:

Once you have this box checked, go to that product’s license manager. Double click on the Monitored Machine you need to target. Click the “Time Zone” tab and pick the relevant radio button that fits your situation: