KBI 310170 When NETWORK.XML Cannot Be Read, Nodes Report PREDICTOR NOT LICENSED


Argent XT 8.0A prior to 8.0A-0804


31 Jul 2009



Technical Background

In versions of Argent XT 8.0A prior to 8.0A-0804, Master Catalog information was stored exclusively in the ‘NETWORK.XML‘ file located in c:\Argent\ArgentManagementConsole. More current releases of Argent XT store the Master Catalog information in the backend database, however the NETWORK.XML file is retained and properly synchronized with the database.

An issue occurs when the NETWORK.XML file cannot be read properly – all Nodes will appear to be unlicensed for Argent Predictor in the Supervising Engine Log of the relevant Argent XT product:

The License Manager however shows the Nodes Licensed properly for Argent Predictor:

The Supervising Engine Log may show the error:


Check the Master Catalog for any non-standard ASCII characters, particularly characters with diacritical marks, e.g. Umlauts (ü, ö, etc.), Accent grave (è), et al.

Rename or remove these entries – for Umlauts a common replacement for ü is ue, for example.

Once the characters have been changed, export a new NETWORK.XML file from the Master Catalog and restart the Argent XT Services.

mation Services Manager.