KBI 310186 Database Errors In Argent Commander


All Versions


15 Jun 2010


You may receive an error when attempting to connect to the Argent Commander page.

The Argent database is down or inaccessible.

Please contact Argent Instant Help or visit help.argent.com

Technical Background

This error can have several causes:

  1. There is a network issue between the IIS (Argent Commander) server and the database backend server.
  2. The server hosting the backend has changed.
  3. The permissions for the Argent service account have changed on the backend server database.

  4. The backend server is down.

  5. ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML is missing, or has become corrupted.


  1. Confirm the database server is indeed accessible from the IIS server.

  2. Confirm the backend server has NOT changed.

  3. Confirm the Argent service account has access to the backend server’s database.

  4. Confirm the backend server is alive.

  5. Restore ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML from a backup. If a backup is unavailable, Argent Commander setup will have to be re-run.


ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML is created during Argent Commander setup. It will include the Argent service account name, and the associated password (both encrypted). Unlike the other XML files associated with Argent Commander, this file cannot be regenerated. Thus, it is helpful to keep a backup of all XML files (to preserve user preferences) in case of issues.