KBI 310191 Citrix Connect Test Utility In Argent Guardian




20 Jul 2010


Citrix Connect Test Utility in Argent Guardian fires false alerts

Technical Background

A Citrix Connection Test utility is bundled with the Argent Guardian for monitoring the availability of the Citrix environment. More information for this can be found here

However users may notice false alerts being fired for this rule, i.e. A value other than ‘1’ is returned even though the Citrix environment is up and running.


Investigation has shown that a time out may occur at times on highly stressed Citrix systems which causes a value of ‘-1’ to be returned. Since the Rule is configured to break at any value other than 1, a false alert may be fired.

We suggest doing the following to eliminate such a scenario.

  • Increase the timeout threshold for the rule:

    The default timeout value should be increased. Generally a between 30 to 60 seconds is acceptable.

  • Increase re-try count:

    The option for ‘Post Event Only After Rule Is Broken: X Times’ can be used to increase the re-try count before an alert is fired.