KBI 310213 ODBC Errors After Using SQL Server Import And Export Wizard To Copy Database




26 Aug 2010


After using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard, you receive an error when attempting to modify the backend database for an Argent product, e.g. adding a Node to the Master Catalog, or adding a new Alert:

Technical Background

SQL Server Import and Export Wizard, by default, does not re-create Keys, Constraints, Triggers, or Indexes in the destination if the source is copied to a new database, i.e. the wizard creates the destination database during the copy process.

If the destination database has already been created, and the Keys, Constraints, Triggers, and Indexes are already in place, then the operation will not generate the errors previously listed.

Contrast a “healthy” table:

Versus a table copied using the wizard:

Without specifying which column is the primary key, it is difficult to insert any new data into the affected table.

If the table uses triggers, the errors will cascade. If the product is installed to a database which was copied using the wizard, AND the product will be an Argent Motor (selecting this option will NOT overwrite the existing database, thus the elements are not recreated), errors will occur during setup.


You can:

  1. Move the data using SQL Server’s Backup/Restore functionality, which will copy these essential structures.
  2. Create the database first (and ensuring the elements are in place and correct), then import/export the data. It is recommended you use Argent

    Setup to properly create the database.

  3. Manually re-create the elements after copying the data (not recommended).