KBI 310248 Solaris tail Command Not POSIX Compliant


Argent Extended Technology – All Versions


21 Jul 2011


The “tail” command must be modified in the License Manager to consolidate logs on Solaris systems.

Technical Background

Solaris defaults to a non-POSIX compliant “tail” binary that does not support the “-n” option. Thus, the default POSIX-compliant command line arguments that Argent Data Consolidator applies to newly created Unix servers will not properly consolidate logs on Solaris systems.


To consolidate logs on Solaris, you must:

  1. Enter the License Manager in Argent Data Consolidator (Screen N8B) and then enter the properties of the Solaris server (Screen N14A).

  2. Change the “Data Command” in the License Manager to use either the POSIX-compliant binary:

    /usr/xpg4/bin/tail -n 100 $LOGFILE$

    Or the standard Solaris non-POSIX-compliant binary:

    tail -100 $LOGFILE$

    Both options will properly consolidate logs. Merely change the integer “100” to the number of recent lines you want to scan for consolidation.

    Below is a screenshot of the POSIX compliant binary and command line.