KBI 310254 Use Other Credentials In Argent XT


Argent Extended Technology – All Versions


21 Sep 2011


Sometimes Customers find the need to be able to use different credentials to monitor certain devices instead of the Argent Service Account.

Technical Background

This situation could be due to the server being part of a workgroup or in another trusted domain.


Below describes the steps to use Argent’s feature ‘Use Other Credentials’ for individual devices.

Individual Devices Steps:

  1. Go to Argent Administration under any of the products.

  2. Then select ‘License manager
  3. Once inside License manager, select ‘Licensed Servers
  4. Locate the device you wish to work with.
  5. Highlight the device and right click, choose ‘Select All Products
  6. Right Click on highlighted device again, choose properties. A new window (N14A) should pop up.
  7. Go to the ‘Use Other Credentials‘ tab
  8. Check the ‘Logon to This Machine Using Following Credential Before Executing Task‘ checkbox
  9. Fill in appropriate account to use for this device in the Logon and Password text boxes
  10. Select ‘Apply‘ then ‘OK
  11. Save changes made to License Manager by right clicking on highlighted ‘License Manager‘ and choosing ‘Save

This change can be done individually but this may not be practical for larger environments with multiple devices needing to use different credentials.

Multiple Devices Steps:

  1. Follow Steps 1-3 of Individual devices
  2. Either using SHIFT or CTRL on keyboard, select all devices you wish to work with.
  3. Right Click on devices and choose ‘Select All Products
  4. Right Click again, choose ‘Properties
  5. In Global Settings tab, check ‘Use Other Credentials‘ check box
  6. Follow steps 7-11 from above.

NOTE: All devices selected must be licensed for Argent Guardian or you will not be able to check the ‘Use Other Credential’ checkbox in ‘Global Setting Options’ tab.