KBI 310255 Excessive Socket Errors For Argent Queue Engine


Argent Queue Engine – All Versions


21 Sep 2011


Increasingly, Argent customers are migrating to 64-bit platforms and computing environments.

This help article discusses socket errors that can arise for Argent Queue Engine in 64-bit environments.

Technical Background

Argent Job Scheduler and Argent Queue Engine use Windows socket APIs to communicate with each other using TCP/IP socket technology.

When either the Scheduling Engine or the Queue Engine can not complete a send or receive request, an error message is written to the log file.

When the socket error messages are excessive, production job schedules can be disrupted.

An example of a Queue Engine log file with excessive socket error messages is shown below:

In the Scheduling Engine log, a common symptom of socket errors is repeated instances of messages similar to the following:

Could not submit job XXXX. Failed to retrieve server info


This situation often arises when the originating Scheduling Engine platform is running on Windows 2003 Server SP2 and the destination Queue Engine is running on Windows Server 2003 R2 or vice versa.

Upgrading both machines to run the same version of Windows 2003 Server resolves the problem.