KBI 310259 License File Abbreviations




28 Sep 2011


This KBI describes the various abbreviations in the header of an Argent license file

Technical Background

A license file (.LIC) can be opened via Notepad to view important licensing information

After opening up a license file, do NOT click ‘Save’, even if no changes have been made.

This will cause the key to become corrupted

The license file’s header looks like this:


S: Any

P: Yes

W: Yes


W2 = 100

CLST = 100

The first four lines above contain global information, described further below

The line starting with “AAC” denotes the start of an Argent product, and the subsequent licenses for that product

Here’s a breakdown of what all the codes mean:


D Domain Name
S Server Name (“Any” is a reserved word that means “any” server)
P Production License? Y = Production, N = Demo
W Argent Web Products? Y = Licensed, N = Unlicensed

Product Abbreviations

AD Argent AT: Argent Defender
EX Argent AT: Argent for Exchange
SP Argent AT: Argent for SharePoint
VM Argent AT: Argent for VMware
AAC Argent XT: Argent Alert Console/Argent Predictor
ADC Argent XT: Argent Data Consolidator
AOM Argent XT: Argent Monitor for Oracle
ASM Argent XT: Argent SQL Server Monitor
ASP Argent XT: Argent SAP Monitor
ASR Argent XT: Argent SNMP Monitor
AST Argent XT: Argent Sentry
AVM Argent XT: Argent Monitor for VMware
AWM Argent XT: Argent WMI Monitor
AXM Argent XT: Argent Exchange Monitor
Mon Argent XT: Argent Guardian

Argent AT License Count Abbreviations

CLSTR Windows Clusters
ESXHST Argent for VMware ESX-ESXi Hosts
DCNT Argent for VMware Datacenters
LNXVM Argent for VMware Linux VMs
OTHVM Argent for VMware Other VMs
ROBOT Argent Defender Trusted Agents
RTP Argent Defender Recorded Sessions Per Hour
UNIX Argent Defender Linux/Unix (For Root Cause Analysis)
URL Argent Defender URL Objects
VWCLSTR Argent for VMware Clusters
VWRSPL Argent for VMware Resource Pools
W2VM Argent for VMware Windows VMs
Windows Argent Defender W200x (For Root Cause Analysis)
W2 Windows 200x

Argent XT License Count Abbreviations

AAC Argent Alerts (Unlimited)
AS400 iSeries/AS400
CLSTR Windows Clusters
FTP Argent Sentry FTP Servers
LNX Linux
PQ Printer Queues
SMTP Argent Sentry SMTP Servers
SUN Sun Solaris
URL Argent Sentry URL Objects
VMHOST Argent Monitor for VMware ESX Hosts
W2 Windows 200x