KBI 310264 Building a Monitoring Group for Argent AT


Argent Advanced Technology – All versions


17 Oct 2011


Monitoring Groups, in short, are an organized view of the CMDB-X.

With Argent Advanced Technology products, Argent has made Monitoring Group creation even easier by allowing for ODBC Queries against the database with certain roles established. This gives Argent the ability to create many of your default Monitoring Groups automatically right out of the box!

But occasionally, you may feel the need to create a Monitoring Group from scratch.

This article’s purpose is not to tell you what a Monitoring Group is but whether how to build a Monitoring Group from scratch.

Technical Background

Creating a new Monitoring Group is quite easy.

Although you can create a Monitoring Group while in any Argent Product’s console and it is then shared amongst all Argent products;

in these examples, we will be using Argent for VMWare Console.

Below are the steps to create a new Monitoring Group:

  1. Once you have the Argent for VMWare Console open, select the ‘Control Information‘ module.

  2. Then select the ‘Monitoring Groups‘ folder from above.

  3. Next, we will create a SuperConsole. We do this by right clicking on ‘Monitoring Groups‘ and choosing ‘New SuperConsole

    Note: In existing Argent installations, the need to create new SuperConsole might not be necessary.

    The main purpose of the SuperConsole is for better organization of your Argent environment.

  4. Once the SuperConsole has been created (or chosen from existing SuperConsoles listed), right click on the SuperConsole and choose ‘New Monitoring Group

  5. Name the Monitoring Group so any looking at the Argent environment can tell from a glance what devices this Monitoring Group houses.

    Examples: Exchange_Servers or WINDOWS_SERVERS

  6. Press ‘OK

  7. You will see a list of all your current devices in the CMDB-X on the right side of the console.

  8. Adding devices to your new Monitoring Group by putting a check next the devices name.

  9. Within each Monitoring Group, you can also set optional security features, allowing certain users to not be able to use certain Monitoring Groups. Of course, you do not have to set these unless you wish too. To set the security up, right click on the Monitoring Group’s name and select ‘Security Settings

  10. Once the security window is up, choose from one of the ‘Object Owners‘ options and the ‘Everyone‘ options.

    Add as many Users or User Groups to associate with this Monitoring Group.

    NOTE: Argent follows the LEAST restrictive security section (opposite of NTFS Security) so set ‘Everyone’ field to “Disabled” first.

  11. Once you have finished, right click on the new Monitoring Group name and choose ‘Save

THAT’S IT! You have created a Monitoring Group from scratch in Argent Advanced Technology – Argent for VMWare! This Monitoring Group is now shared out to all Argent Advanced Technology products.