KBI 310268 Argent for VMware Massive Log Growth


Argent for VMware 2.0A-1101 or earlier


7 Nov 2011


Large number of logs generated

Sometimes as often as one 5MB log every minute

But the debug level is already set to “normal”. (The least amount of logging)

And after inspecting the VM_SVC_LOG.TXT, there are repeating lines like below:

(Thread 0x10B0) 20111108 12:26:35 ODBCRS::DoColumnFX

(Thread 0x10B0) 20111108 12:26:35 *** Exit ***ODBCRS::DoColumnFX

Technical Background

The issue is a corrupted file “SystemEvents.DAT” under the product folder. It causes exception errors and trace dumps filling up the log.


Short-term circumvention

1. Stop Argent for VMware service

2. Delete SystemEvents.DAT from Drive:\Argent\ArgentForVMware\

3. Start Argent for VMware service

Permanent Correction: Upgrade to 1107 or later

Ultimately, update Argent AT to 2.0-1107-A or later