KBI 310287 Could Not Call Methods Of Dispatch Interface


Argent Extended Technology – Argent SQL Monitor – All Versions


15 Dec 2011


Argent SQL Monitor fails to connect to a SQL 2005 or earlier server if the SQL compatibility components are not installed.

Technical Background

You will notice an error like this in the trace log:

Fri Aug 05 16:15:08.952 D00453R argentmon Could not call methods of dispatch interface for ‘XTSQLMonitor.basic’. Error:

The cause is a lack of the SQL Backward Compatibility Components.


Install the SQL 2005 Backward Compatibility Components. Ideally, they are installed from the SQL Server installation package. But they can also be found at:


If the link is broken, locate the Microsoft download page with a Google search: 2005 SQL Server Backwards Compatibility

Install the SQLServer2005_BC.msi for 32 bit servers.

Install the SQLServer2005_BC_x64.msi for 64 bit servers.

After the components are installed, test the Relator again from within the Argent SQL Monitor.