KBI 310290 How To View An Excel Worksheet In Argent Boardroom


Argent BoardRoom – All versions.


20 Dec 2011


How to display the contents of an Excel file in Argent BoardRoom.

Technical Background

DO NOT try and use a Registered DLL to view an Excel Worksheet.

DO use the HTML Viewer to view the contents of an Excel Worksheet in Argent BoardRoom.


  1. Save the Excel Worksheet as an HTML file.
  2. Create a new screen in Argent BoardRoom.
  3. Select the HTML Viewer for the registered DLL of the screen.
  4. Right Click in the frame and select -> “Design Currently Selected Frame“.

  5. Add the path to the HTML file to be viewed in the URL field.
  6. The HTML file should now be visible in the frame.
  7. Add the newly created screen to a playlist.
  8. The playlist can now be run to view the newly added screen.


To view individual worksheets in a playlist, repeat this process for each worksheet to a single HTML file for each individual worksheet.