KBI 310298 High CPU Consumption By ALC_TE_MAIN.EXE


Argent XT 8.0A-1104 or below


3 Feb 2012


Process called alc_te_main.exe (Argent Data Consolidator Transfer Engine) has high CPU consumption.

Technical Background

Argent Transfer Engine reads the event logs from targeted domain controller servers.

Traditionally when parsing and consolidating event logs, the records were read remotely and in order to compile them into a readable format, a format message API (DLL) was used over the network.

As the size of event logs has increased over the past few years, Argent re-engineered the function to optimize the task of transferring and formatting the logs.

From Argent Extended Technology 1107 and above, instead of executing format message DLLs remotely, a copy of the files are brought in locally and cached on the Argent server, significantly decreasing CPU usage by the particular process.


Upgrade Argent Extended Technology (XT) to version 1107 or above.