KBI 310306 Maintenance Schedules Not Executing


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions 2.0-1201 and earlier


8 May 2012


Argent AT maintenance windows do not correctly handle the inputted time/date or calendar combinations.

Technical Background

While setting the maintenance windows in the license manager, the maintenance schedule does not correctly save.

Returning to the maintenance schedule window after configuring it indicates a different configuration.

Observe setting a maintenance schedule for 12:00 – 13:00 every day. The type is “Routine Scheduled“.

This is the Node Properties screen after clicking “OK“.

Now, clicking “OK” back to License Manager and then returning to the node properties shows this under maintenance. Notice how it now indicates that a Calendar is being used:

Selecting the settings button on the right for that maintenance schedule, we see that it’s no longer a daily task, but a special schedule for a single day and is not using any Calendar as it previously indicated.

Clicking “OK” back to the Node Properties screen, we see this now:


This will be resolved in a future release.