KBI 310324 iSeries Rule: Error When Checking For MSGW State


Argent Extended Technology 8.0A-1007-B


30 Oct 2012


Customer is experiencing an issue when trying to execute the iSeries Rule using the checkbox option to determine if a job is currently in an MSGW state.

Testing the Relator returns the following error:

Could not read response to <JOBLIST MSGW> command from XT AS400 Agent.

Could not retrieve job list from AS400 server

Technical Background

The Log detail in the iSeries Agent Log shows the following error:

Log Detail:

24 OCT 2012 08:32:01.971 ARGENT WORKER 2,101 *** CATASTROPHIC INTERNAL ERROR ***

24 OCT 2012 08:32:01.975 ARGENT WORKER 2,101 Program WORKER received error code 3455 at statement 2099 while attempting to complete a send() operation.

24 OCT 2012 08:32:01.979 ARGENT WORKER 2,101 *** CATASTROPHIC INTERNAL ERROR ***


Argent development is still investigating the issue.