KBI 310328 Rules Missing In Argent AT Daughter GUI


Argent AT 3.1A-1207-A and below


2 Nov 2012


After Exporting Master Control Information, Argent AT Daughter Engines don’t show any Rules in the GUI

This leads to Relator scheduling and execution issues, as the Rule definitions have not been properly replicated from the Mother to the Daughter

In the Daughter Engine service logs, customers may see: “Could not find rule record”

Technical Background

When the Mother Engine exports Rule information, the exported information is contained in an XML file in:

X:\Argent\{Product Name}\DATA\XML\

E.g. For Argent Guardian Ultra, this is called ARGSOFT_ARGENT_GUARDIAN_ULTRA_MONITOR_RULE.XML

If any one Rule contains a corrupted character (typically ASCII characters between 0 to 31), it could cause the entire XML file to become corrupted

Examples where Rules can include corrupted characters are Rules with open multi-line text boxes, such as PowerShell, WMI or Linux/Unix script Rules


Argent AT 3.1A-1210-A or above provides bullet-proofing that explicitly tests for this, and converts illegal characters into spaces

This will take care of 99.9% of all cases

For the 0.1% of all cases, an error notification popup will appear during the Export Master Control Information process if the XML file cannot be validated

For customers who need a workaround prior to upgrading:


Open the product service logs, you may see a log entry saying: “Failed to import data for SQL table”

For example:


Look for the error line number, note this down


Go to the Argent Guardian Ultra path: X:\Argent\ArgentGuardianUltra\DATA\XML\




Make a backup and open the file — go to the line number noted earlier


Customers should be able to locate the Rule Name. For example:


Now go back to the Main Engine Console and inspect the Rule.

For example, in this case, a Linux/Unix Script Rule contained an invalid character.


After correcting the Rule, go to Export Master Control Information. Wait 120 seconds and observe the Daughter Engine Rules in the Daughter GUI