KBI 310356 Resetting Daughter Engines With Expired Licenses


Argent Advanced Technology All Versions.


28 Mar 2013


Reset daughter engine with expired license to update license information

Technical Background

AT daughter engine uses license extract from master control information downloaded from mother engine.

When license expires, daughter engine stops. As result, it won’t be able to download new master control information, so license cannot be updated. We need to reset daughter engine.


To reset the daughter engine follow the steps bellow:

  • Step 1: Apparently we must apply new license to mother engines so that mother engine can start.
  • Step 2: Export master control information at mother engine so that it contains the new license.
  • Step 3: Terminal into daughter engine, and wipe out registry HKLM\Software\Argent\{PRODUCT}\LICENSE, LICENSE_DOMAIN and LICENSE_SERVER.
  • Step 4: Delete old downloaded control info under DATA directory.
  • Step 5: Restart Daughter Engine. It should now download the new master control information and apply the new license.

But the lesson should be that user should not wait until license is expired. AT has been sending out complaints for 13 days before it happened.