KBI 310362 Configuring Argent AT Global Enterprise Application View


Argent Advanced Technology all versions below 3.1A-1301-T1


3 Apr 2013


Enterprise Application View in AT 3.1A-1301-T1 and later is implemented as ‘Global‘. The previous version of product specific implementation is superseded. The implications are as follows:

  1. Enterprise Application Views are shared among AT products. Change in one product affects all other products.
  2. Rules used in Application Components of Enterprise Application View can come from any AT products. In the rare cases that AT main engines are in different servers, at least client GUI should be installed on the machine where user defines Enterprise Application View.

Define Enterprise Application View

User can bring up main GUI of any installed AT product and go to Control Information -> Administration -> Advanced -> Enterprise Application View. User can create/modify/delete individual view here.

Each dot on Enterprise Application View is the ‘Application Component‘.

An Application Component can be either an individual server/device or another embedded Enterprise Application View.

By default only the licensed server/devices of current product are shown on the combo box. As now the view is ‘Global‘, user may need to select a server/device licensed in another product. In that case, check option ‘List All Server/Devices in CMDB-X‘ to show all the discovered nodes.

Field ‘Global Health%‘ is the contribution of this component to the global health.

User selects a list of rules from installed AT products to monitor this component. Internally, Argent Console engine checks the current pending events in Argent Console database, when a matching rule is found, the contribution is deducted from the global health.

One thing user should understand is that only the pending events in certain time range is checked. It is for performance purpose. The look-back hours are defined on the view.

When user browses the rules, by default, rules of the current product are shown. User can select any installed product and rules will be refreshed.

Enterprise Application Views are defined in \ARGENT\ARGENTCONSOLE\ARGENT_ENTERPRISE_APPLICATIONS.XML. In Argent Non-Stop Environment, engines automatically synchronize this XML file between motors.

View Enterprise Application View

Enterprise Application View can be viewed in module ‘Enterprise Objects‘.

Select tab ‘Events‘ to see relevant events for current Enterprise Application View. The relevant event can come from other product because it is specified in the Enterprise Application View definition.

Global Health threshold can be defined in the Enterprise Application View, and events can be raised when Global Health drops below the threshold. This event will be shown in this event list too. The Enterprise Application View event will be automatically corrected when the Global Health is back above the threshold.

Technical Background