KBI 310317 Temperature: The BEST Way To Kill Production Servers

The related Argent KBI about humidity (KBI 310316) calls humidity the secret killer of production servers

The not-so-secret killer is temperature

Here is a simple rule of thumb:

For every increase of 10 degrees Celsius, the life of the server or UPS battery is halved

UPS power backups are always the most neglected and ignored of all the critical server room components for the obvious reason that no-one cares about the UPS

That is, no-one cares until the power fails, then there is massive fingerpointing on who failed to check the UPS battery status…

See Further Reading at the end of this Argent KBI for the grim facts

Inside the actual server, the most temperature-sensitive component is the hard disk

And what fails most often in a production server?

The hard disk

Whoa, what an amazing coincidence

No server room should run over 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius

All customers are recommended to use the Argent Commander CeoConsole product to monitor worldwide server room temperature and UPS battery status:


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