KBI 312031 Argent Reports Cannot Send Scheduled Reports Using gMSA Account


Argent Reports 7.0A-2210-A


Tuesday, 20 December 2022


Reports are not being generated from the Scheduled Automator definitions

Technical Background

When using a gMSA account, Argent Reports is not able to send scheduled reports

Reports are generated successfully when doing it manually with the Preview > HTML option

However, the same scheduled reports will fail and generate “ERROR *** VBS: PDF Generation Timed Out” message in the scheduler log

In this situation, first copy and browse the URL mentioned in the log. Then an error message like “Please contact the system administrator” will display

Then, in IIS, set the value of “Send Error To Browser” to True in the ASP section of the Argent Reports site. This will help to display the exact error happening with the URL

Then again reload the same copied URL. Now a message will display mentioning the “Disallowed Parent Path”

Again, go to the ASP section of the Argent Reports site and set the value of “Enable Parent Paths” as ‘True’

After doing these steps, the scheduled report will work as per the schedule

The error occurs when the value of “Enable Parent Paths” is in the “False” state

Next version of Argent Reports will be enhanced to avoid this situation