KBI 312035 Enhancement: Configure Maintenance Schedule For A Server Or Device In CMDB-X


Argent Omega 2.2A-2301-A and above


Thursday, 29 December 2022


Argent Omega CMDB-X now provides the facility to configure Maintenance Schedule for one or more server or devices. A Maintenance Schedule is a way to skip the normal execution of Relators for one or more servers or devices.

Technical Background

For example, if you have a regular maintenance window on Saturday mornings, you can have Argent Omega stop monitoring those servers or devices during that time. The maintenance schedule is for routine scheduled maintenance (that occurs on a regular basis).

The Maintenance Schedule for a server or device is defined within CMDB-X. Double click on Maintenance Schedule CMDB-X property. A Maintenance Schedule definition screen will be popped up:

Specify Schedule Start Time and End Time. Calendar also can be used.

Uncheck Use Server Or Device Time Zone option if the maintenance schedule want to use local time zone.

If Continue Corrective Alerts And Argent Forecaster Data, No Notification Alerts option is checked, the Relators still run, and any Argent Forecaster data collected will still be saved, but no alert or correction notification.

Click Remove button to remove the existing Maintenance Schedule.

Click OK to Save the Maintenance Schedule.

When running Production Relators, the Relator running status for the maintenance enabled device should be changed to Skipped. Also, the execution result in the Trace log of Maintenance enabled device should show “Server Or Device is in maintenance schedule. No monitoring is scheduled”


Upgrade to Argent Omega 2.2A-2301-A or above