KBI 312047 Argent Reports does not display PDF report previews when using hostname of Argent Reports server


Argent Reports — All Versions


Friday, 31 March 2023


Due to some customer DNS and network configuration hostname of Argent Reports is unreachable. It will be necessary to use IP address when using preview using PDF format in Argent Reports

Technical Background

Argent Reports uses value that is defined in ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML to preview PDF formatted reports


In order to use the IP address instead of server name when using preview of Reports, Report Group and Automator in Argent Reports, do the following changes specified below:

Step 1: Back up file C:\Argent\ArgentReports\XML\ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML

Step 2: Open ‘ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML’ file inside the ‘XML’ folder of Argent Reports and in ‘URL_PATH VALUE’ change the server name to its IP address

Step 3: Re-Sync Argent Reports and recheck the PDF preview