Argent Predictor Instances By Location In Argent Defender

By default, Argent Predictor metrics in Argent Defender are totaled and averaged as a whole, if “Trusted Agent Of Name” is selected in a test.

Consider the following Test Definition:

Consider the “Where To Run And Virtual User Definition” section, which has been defined with:

This test will use any available Trusted Agent.

However, when a user generates a report based on this test, the graph or report will only list one instance for this test.

This is because Argent Defender sums and averages the results from each Agent, after the test has been run for all defined Agents. The data is then presented as a single instance.

In many cases, it is more useful to see the data results per Trusted Agent. This can easily be achieved by using the following:

We have now configured this test to use the available Trusted Agent in Location “NewYork”.

We could then define other Trusted Agents to use, by Location. Each Location will now be available in our graphs and reports, as an appended Location instance.

Using this example, during report creation we can now specify an instance by Location:

It may be helpful to assign a legend based on the Location name if multiple instances are being displayed in the report/graph.