How Do I Customize Report Trees?

Each Argent Guardian Extended Technology products has a special XML file that allows the tree hierarchy that you see for the Reports screen (R2) to be customized to meet your company’s needs. The files that are available use the following naming convention:


where xxx is the prefix for the product being customized.


ag_reports.xml is the file name that can be customized for the Argent Guardian.

If you follow proper XML syntax, you can easily create your own customized tree structure and alter the colors of the resulting folders as shown below:

The XML changes required to produce the above example is shown below:

<Level_1 name=”My Company Name” folder=”report” color=”green”>

<Level_2 name=”System Uptime Graphs” folder=”report” category=”_” color=”green”>


<Level_2 name=”System Performance Graphs” folder=”report” category=”_” color=”green”>


<Level_2 name=”Tim” folder=”report” category=”_” color=”green”>


<Level_2 name=”Toby” folder=”report” category=”_” color=”green”>




Once you create the folder structure you need using the appropriate beginning and ending “Level_2” tag formatting tags, you can then create or copy reports as needed to your own customized tree structure.