How Do I Enable The Event Answering Interface in Argent Ninja?


Any Help Desk application such as Remedy, Helpmaster Pro, etc. can be integrated with Argent Ninja using the Event Answer Interface enhancement.

When an event is answered in Argent Ninja, Argent Ninja can be configured to automatically update the help desk applications.

Control Information

The Event Answer Interface is activated by editing NINJA_CONFIGURATION.XML, which resides in the root directory of Argent Ninja’s installed path.

The structure of the XML file looks like this:




            <SCRIPT FILE = “AAC_HPDScript.EXE”
PARAMETERS = ” {PCKEY} /answer”
            <SCRIPT FILE = “AAC_HMPScript.EXE”
PARAMETERS = ” {PCKEY} /answer”
APP_NAME = “Helpmaster Pro”

             <!– EXECUTE Can Be True Or False. –>





    <!– Flag can be INTERNALS or LOW –>


The executable to run is specified in the FILE attribute of SCRIPT tag. The FILE attribute value can be the full path of the executable or just the executable name. If the executable name alone is specified, Ninja looks for the executable in the ArgentAlertConsole folder (Eg. ‘C:\ARGENT\ArgentManagementConsole\ArgentAlertConsole‘).

Argent Ninja will run the executable only if the EXECUTE attribute value is set to TRUE.

By default, a fresh installation of Argent Ninja sets all EXECUTE to FALSE.

Answering Or Resolving An Event

When an event is answered or resolved, Argent Ninja will check whether this event has a valid EntryID (Help Desk ID) in the database.

If a valid EntryID exists, Argent Ninja will run the specified executable to update the third party Help Desk application.

Here is an extract from the log files when answering/resolving an event in Ninja: