How Do I Make Argent Reports Work With SQL Server 2000?

Argent Reports supports SQL Server 2000 when used as a backend for Argent’s monitoring products

SQL Server 2000 is missing some of the more fancier SQL syntax seen in SQL Server 2005 and above

Thus, a “flag” needs to be set in Argent Reports to ensure Argent Reports knows it is executing SQL statements aganist SQL Server 2000 machine

Here’s how:

  1. Make a backup, then open {Drive}:\Argent\ArgentReports\INCLUDE\ASP_GENERATOR_FUNCTIONS.ASP

  2. At the very top, you will see this line:

    gk_bIsSQL2000 = False

    Set this value to True, and Save the changes

  3. Refresh Argent Reports — Argent Reports will now know to execute SQL Server 2000-esque statements instead of the modern ones

Functionality Differences

The only known functionality difference is the inability to use the ‘Convert to UTC Time X’ feature when using SQL Server 2000 — the time zone shown in reports will always be based on the database server’s time zone