What Are Trusted Agents in Argent for Exchange and Argent for SharePoint?

Argent for Exchange and Argent for SharePoint’s “Trusted Agent” is the equivalent of a remote monitoring engine.

However the current implementation only allows Trusted Agents to be installed on the local network — (e.g. not behind a firewall, for example).

The reason is because these Trusted Agents read the work orders from the Main Engine via network shares (NOT via a TCP port)

This means the Trusted Agent currently exists for two reasons:

  • Load balancing within the local network
  • Executing monitoring tasks on a server that has a prerequisite that the main engine may not have (e.g. Exchange Management Shell to run some of

    the Exchange 2007 Rules)

This has been enhanced in the upcoming Argent AT 2.0, where the Trusted Agents for both Argent for SharePoint and Argent for Exchange now accept work orders via TCP/IP.