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Product Downloads

You can download and install any Argent product from this area. All Argent products are the full production products – the only difference is the key you apply. To get a complementary 30-day Evaluation Key, please click here: Get Evaluation Key

Argent AT Minimum Requirements

Download and run this utility now: To install Argent AT, the following minimum system and hardware requirements need to be met: Windows 2008 R2 or above At least two CPU cores 4 GB RAM 10 GB of disk space 2.0 GHz processor or higher Internet Explorer 8 or above Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE […]

Download Argent Advanced Technology

Argent Advanced Technology (AT) is the next generation of Argent’s monitoring and alerting products, combining the same, easy-to-use components with a scalable and reliable architecture. Argent Advanced Technology consists of: Argent for Active Directory Argent for AWS Argent BoardRoom Argent for Compliance Argent Enterprise Argent for Exchange Argent for Java Argent Guardian Ultra Argent for […]

Argent-wide Flag Settings

SERVICE_SERVER_OFFLINE Option To test a Windows service, Argent first needs to connect to the server where the service is located. Sometimes — due to any number of reasons — the server is inaccessible to the Argent server doing the testing. Customers can treat this situation in one of two ways: To ignore the situation, or […]

Argent Conversion Tool

This conversion tool automates 96% of the conversion from the old Argent Extended Technology products to the equivalent Argent Advanced Technology products. The Argent Conversion Tool works with all versions of Argent Extended Technology The second part of this conversion tool is an integrity checker that checks the veracity of the new Argent Advanced Technology […]

Argent Conversion Tool-How To Run

Introduction The Argent Conversion Tool is a set of utilities that can be used to convert Alerts, Rules, Relators etc from Argent Extended Technology to Argent Advanced Technology. Currently this product supports the following products: Argent for Compliance Argent for Exchange Argent for Oracle Argent for SNMP Argent for SQL Server Argent for VMware Argent […]

Optional Linux/Unix/iSeries Agents

While the main install of Argent monitor all iSeries, Linux, and Unix machines remotely, many Customers prefer to install local agents on these machines. Here you can download and install these optional local agents. There is no additional cost to use local agents; Argent’s goal is provide you with the most appropriate solution available AS/400 […]

Download Argent Commander

Argent Commander is an interactive, real-time facility based on Web 2.0 technology that integrates with your existing Argent installation. Argent Commander provides pre-defined “command modules” that report on key performance indicators, Top X charts and tables, as well as event and alert summaries for all the individual servers in your enterprise. Argent Commander 5.0A-2111-A Instant […]

Download Argent Global Manager

Argent Global Manager, based on Web 2.0 technology, is the Web User Interface (WUI) for Argent Advanced Technology Argent Global Manager integrates with the entire Argent Advanced Technology installation, including the Non-Stop Motors, Daughter Engines and Trusted Agents It provides all those functionalities of Argent Advanced Technology and more in a URL that you can […]

Download Argent Omega

</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p> Argent Omega Argent Omega Argent Omega is the next generation of Argent’s monitoring products. Argent Omega provides an easier-to-use interface with integrated AI learning. Argent Omega consists of: Argent Compliance Automator Argent Omega Baseline Argent Omega for Active Directory Argent Omega for Exchange Argent Omega […]

Argent Compliance Automator

This document discusses the benefits of Argent Compliance Automator. Argent Compliance Automator can easily detect and stop hacking from any platform – Windows, Linux, Unix; if the application has a log, the Argent Compliance Automator can monitor it.

Argent Baseline

This document discusses the benefits of Argent Omega. Argent Omega is the next generation of Argent’s monitoring products. Argent Omega provides an easier-to-use interface with integrated AI learning.

Argent for Microsoft 365

This document discusses the benefits of Argent for Microsoft 365. Argent for Microsoft 365 automates the monitoring and management of Microsoft 365. Argent for Microsoft 365 tool sets provides a clear and detailed view into the health of every component of your Microsoft 365 infrastructure, including license details, service health, endpoint status, etc.

Argent for SNMP

This document discusses the benefits of Argent for SNMP. Argent for SNMP is a complete automation solution, automating all the essential but labor-intensive chores that all customers must perform to ensure your SNMP devices run smoothly.

Argent for SQL Server

This document discusses the benefits of Argent for SQL Server. Argent for SQL Server includes Tool Sets for flexible and real time SQL Server monitoring; supported versions are: SQL 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2022. Argent for SQL Server offers out-of-the-box discovery, availability, health, and performance tracking.

Download Argent Web Defender

This document discusses the benefits of Argent Web Defender. Argent Web Defender provides Toolsets for comprehensive monitoring of websites, so that network administrators can collect data related to internet latency, network hop issues, and other metrics to help build a snapshot of the website or web server’s performance. These performance data are then translated into […]

Download Argent Reporter

This document discusses the benefits of Argent Reporter. Argent Reporter is the reporting facility in Argent Omega. Argent Reporter uses RDLC (Report Definition Language Client) to generate reports by taking an RDL file designed with Microsoft Report Builder to generate RDLC files for reporting. The most important aspect of Argent Reporter is that it can […]

Benefits Of Argent Omega Over Argent AT

This document discusses the benefits of Argent Omega over Argent Advanced Technology. Below are the most important features and benefits of Argent Omega Brand-New Argent Omega Super Console. Enhanced And Simplified User Interface. Modernized And Improved Graphical User Interface. Reporting Feature Is Now Out-Of-The-Box. Network Topology Mapping Capability.

Download Argent Job Scheduler

The Argent Job Scheduler consists of two components – the Argent Queue Engine where the jobs actually execute, and the Argent Job Scheduler that schedules jobs to the various queue engines. Both components are in the same zip file. Both products take a total of about three minutes to install. While Argent’s products take only […]

Download Argent Reports

Argent has used industry-standard Crystal Reports in all Argent products for over 15 years To help customers better leverage Web 2.0 in their use of Argent, Argent has created a new customizable reporting product, which we’ve dubbed “Argent Reports” (very imaginative, you say) Argent Reports is a clean and crisp product you can use to […]

Download Argent WorldView

Argent WorldView is a real-time facility based on Web 2.0 technology that integrates with all your Argent Job Scheduler installations Argent WorldView syncs with all your Queue Engines local / remote and will show the live status of Jobs. With drill down feature you can go to any Job instance from a single location. You […]

Argent VMware Guest Utility

Using Argent’s proprietary Rule of 100, Argent often tests on hundreds of VMware guests Creating hundreds or thousands of these guests is a odious and tedious chore As this is often the case for Argent customers as well, Argent has created this free, free-standing CLI to automatically generate dozens or hundreds of VMware guests This […]