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The first step in configuring Argent is to scan the network and create a master list of servers and devices. This master list is called the Master Catalog.

In addition to servers and devices, a number of other objects can also be included in the Master Catalog, these are:

  • FTP Objects
  • Internet Mail Objects
  • URL Objects
  • Print Queue Objects
  • Cluster Objects

The Master Catalog can be loaded by all of the following:

  • Scanning the enterprise
  • Importing XML files of servers and devices
  • Manually entering entries

Once the Master Catalog is created, Monitoring Groups can be created — Monitoring Groups are lists of servers and devices to be processed by all Argent products. Not all servers and devices in the Master Catalog need be in a Monitoring Group, but the converse is true — all servers and devices in the Monitoring Groups are in the Master Catalog.

Monitoring Groups are shared between Argent products. And the same Monitoring Group can be used by any number of Relators in a specific Argent product.

By having different Relators share the same Monitoring Group, you only need to change one Monitoring Group when a new production server comes online (or an existing server is replaced), rather than having to change hundreds of occurrences of the same server name.

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