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Argent Global Manager, based on Web 2.0 technology, is the Web User Interface (WUI) for Argent Advanced Technology

Argent Global Manager integrates with the entire Argent Advanced Technology installation, including the Non-Stop Motors, Daughter Engines and Trusted Agents

It provides all those functionalities of Argent Advanced Technology and more in a URL that you can browse easily from your desktop, rather than doing a remote desktop in to the Argent server

The current version, Argent Global Manager 5.1A-R21, supports Argent Advanced Technology versions from 5.1A-1610-A to 5.1A-2301-A

Argent Global Manager supports multiple languages and installs in under 5 minutes

For a quick tour of Argent Global Manager, visit:

Argent Global Manager 5.1A-R21

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