Features and Benefits

Argent Sentinel is a comprehensive web URL and Server monitoring product from Argent

Below are the most important features and benefits of Argent Sentinel

  1. End-To-End Web Monitoring:
  • Handles all known HTTP error codes
  • Check for one or more known error codes for each URL

Example: Check bad request error (400) for a specific URL

Example: Check unauthorized error (401) for a secured URL

Example: Check all HTTP errors for a home page


Preconfigured error cases: Argent Sentinel has a list of all known HTTP errors

These errors can be tested across all licensed URLs

  • Root Cause Analysis And Correction
    • Run WMI and Linux/Unix scripts if a web server is offline or slow
    • Preconfigured scripts for checking system resources like CPU, memory, NIC traffic, etc
    • Screenshot capturing


    Identify and correct the root cause of an issue without manual intervention

  • Load Testing For Web Sites Using Virtual Concurrent Users


    Stress testing of websites can be done using a user-configurable number of simulated virtual users

  • Robotic Web Testing
    • Mimics user interactions
    • Supports manual operations such as mouse clicks and keyboard input

      Example: Automatically provides username and password to user’s CRM and log in to authenticate user credentials


    Automatically run laborious, pain staking web testing which normally requires human interaction

  • Web Data Scraping
    • Retrieves data from web pages and makes it available as variables in Script

      Example: Go to finance.yahoo.com, retrieve Apple’s stock price, and alert if it crosses a threshold or store the stock price in Argent Predictor for Analytics


    Configure Notification Alerts based on data updated in websites

    Can use Argent Predictor and Argent Reports for web-scraped data

  • Script Driven

    Easy to understand, edit, and maintain


    Enhance a recorded Script with Argent APIs or customer’s APIs

  • Automatically Integrates With Existing Argent AT Installations


    Easy to install and upgrade; easy to prepare and configure infrastructure and environment

    Exploit Argent AT Notification Alerts, Argent Console, etc

  • State Of The Art Development Tools
    • Headless (no graphical user interface) Chrome or Chromium browser uses the least resources and is the fastest tool for this purpose
    • Puppeteer (native API access to Chrome and Chromium) is the leading tool used for web automation