Introduction to Argent AT

The Argent Advanced Technology is the next generation of Argent’s monitoring and alerting products, combining the same, easy-to-use components with a scalable and reliable architecture.

Argent AT consists of the following products in its arsenal:

Argent Atlas replaces the traditional “Master Catalog” to store the node information, being monitored by Argent. As the name suggests, Argent Atlas introduces CMDB-X capabilities within the Argent products, with a fully open and extensible design — hence the “X” in CMDB-X.

The Argent Console is similar to the existing “Argent Alert Console” in Argent XT — the new Argent Console consolidates events from all Argent AT products.

Additional features such as “Root Cause Analysis” and advanced graphing facilities have been introduced. This makes it possible to now have a single console for any Argent product that is being used.