Rules are tests for conditions

A Rule is broken if the threshold is exceeded

A Performance Rule may be defined as

“If CPU busy exceeds 80% three times in a row”

A Service Rule may be defined as

“If any Exchange service stops”

There are over 3,000 pre-defined Rules you can use

These are an accumulated base of knowledge from thousands of Customers worldwide

Whenever new Rules are created by Argent for a single Customer, these Rules are added to the next release of the product to enable all Argent Customers to share in the expanded base of knowledge

These pre-defined Rules monitor almost all of what sites need to monitor — from W200x servers to PBXs to air conditioning plants

You can add an unlimited number of new Rules and can copy and edit the pre-defined Rules

Because Rules do not specify the server or device in the actual Rule, you can share the same Rule to monitor many different servers and devices

Rules can be displayed by Class

Or Rules can be displayed by Application