Column Types


Allows any text to be displayed, along with %VARIABLES% that can be added via a pull-down menu.

The %VARIABLES% are straight-forward and intuitive — e.g. %NODE_NAME% or %INSTANCE%, etc.

Hovering over a text field always shows the actual Node Name for the row.


Sparklines fetch Argent Predictor data so customers can quickly identify trends.

Hovering over Sparklines show the exact data value and timestamp of each data point.

Customers can define the time range (e.g. Past hour, Past 24 hours, etc.)

Metric Value

Metric Values fetch the last Argent Predictor data value for a particular node and metric.

Scaling the value, or the number of decimal places can be configured.

Hovering over the value shows the raw data point and the timestamp of the data point.

Alert Status

Alert Status is essentially the same as a SuperMaps dot, where the color represents the highest priority level of unanswered Alerts for a particular node.

Hovering over the dot provides a breakdown of Alerts for the node, as well as the latest unanswered Alert timestamp.

Clicking on the dot takes the customer to the Argent Commander Console, pre-filtered for the chosen node.


Delta values represent the percentage change from the previous value to the last value.

Hovering over the Delta shows the actual previous and last values, along with their corresponding timestamps.