ViewMagic uses straightforward and intuitive design concepts, enabling customers to create their own Views in a matter of minutes.

Each of the building blocks used in constructing a View has specific names, as follows:

  • Each View can have one or more Panes
  • Each Pane can have one or more Tables
  • Each Table can have one or more Columns
  • Each Table has one Header Row and one or more Data Rows
  • Each Data Row has one or more Cells

In addition, ViewMagic has the following properties:

  • Each Column displays a certain type of data:
    • Text
    • Sparklines
    • Metric Values
    • Alert Status
    • Delta
  • Each Row displays a Node (e.g. A server, device, or URL)
  • Each Cell has unique properties based on the Column and Row


Move – Dragging this icon moves the component
Options Icon – left-clicking shows a context menu of options