Alert Escalation Examples

Example With One Alert Escalation

In this case when a problem is detected by the Relator’s Rules, the ALARM_DEMO alert is executed followed by the EMAIL_GENERAL alert

Alerts to be used for Alert Escalation are defined using the Relator Escalation screen G19A

Example With Two Alert Escalations

This case is an expansion of the single escalation case

This time there are two Alert Escalations, the first to Tom and the second to an alphanumeric pager carried by Bill

If Tom has not seen the email, or email is slow, or — Heaven Forbid — the Exchange email server has crashed, or Tom is simply at lunch, or the myriad of other reasons email is so tenuous, then an Alphanumeric Alert will be sent to Bill; Tom is given 30 minutes to get the email, read it, correct the problem and cancel the alert on the main screen, before the Alert Escalation will contact Bill

Example With Four Alert Escalations

In this case there are now four alerts, at increasing levels of time and increasingly senior levels of management

If the problem is not corrected, then the following Alert Escalation will occur:

  • After the first 20 minutes, Tom is emailed
  • If Tom does not respond in 30 minutes then Bill is paged
  • If Bill does not respond in 60 minutes, then email is sent to the Supervisor
  • If after 120 minutes, or two hours, the Supervisor has not responded, then the VP is paged