Category: Argent Compliance White Papers

Argent Compliance White Papers

The Argent for Compliance White Papers area series of technical articles that discuss some of the powerful features in Argent for Compliance

Custom Script Rules

This document discusses how custom script Rules can be created for more specialized monitoring and archiving logic

Event Log Archiving

This document discusses how raw Event Logs are saved and archived by Argent for Compliance into the database

Filtering Windows Audit Logs

This document discusses how Windows Event Logs are filtered using various techniques to help minimize database growth and add exceptions for special cases

Monitoring File Audit Events

This document discusses how file auditing events can be configured and monitored to keep track of critical file and folder creation, modifications and deletions

Parsing Data From Log Files

This document discusses how data from ASCII-based log files can be parsed and how data can be extracted as performance data for reporting and analysis

PCI DSS-How Argent Can Help

This document details how Argent helps to ensure your organization complies with PCI DSS – the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

Windows Event Log

This document discusses how Argent for Compliance handles and automatically parses critical Windows Security Logs